Tour Favorites

Y’all. I freaked out today. Did you know it’s NOVEMBER? We have 60ish days left in this year. How scary is that? It certainly doesn’t feel like it in New Orleans. It was 84 degrees earlier today. YUCK.
Anyway- I went on my weekly Uptown broker tour today, and as promised, I’m here to deliver a new post about my favorite.
I have a confession to make about myself and how I feel about the housing in New Orleans. I love the weird ones. I get to view so many beautiful, top-of-the-line homes, but sometimes those are lacking in personality. I see a lot that have the same finishes, the same flooring, the same en-suite master bathrooms, etc. And not that they aren’t beautifully done, they’re just not “me”. The ones that are really special to me are the ones where the builders come in and really think before they revive or build. I can tell who has an imagination and who took their time. It’s like art to me, and I’m sure to them, too.
The one I saw today that I loved had some things I have never seen and some other features that are rarely used in the revival of an old New Orleans home. It was in a great Uptown neighborhood (my old hood, actually) near Carrollton Avenue.
It was an old double that had been reimagined into a single-family home. The layout was unique, leaving the two smaller bedrooms and a separate bath and laundry separate from the rest of the house. Again, I picked one for an office straight away. This bright home had tons of windows in every room and had lots of natural light all throughout- a must have for this gal. The wide-open front door was a lovely yellow and it just welcomed you right on in off of the covered front porch. As soon as you walked in, there were old exposed beams, that really opened the room up With the tall ceilings, bright walls and light, the room felt almost endless. Obviously it’s the photo attached with this post. Sorry I only got one!
The kitchen was one of my favorite rooms. It was a bit separate from the living room, but back away from the bedrooms and was combined with the dining area, which felt nice to me. It had old, old bead board that had been stripped of old paint and bleached and sort of white-washed and went all the way up to the ceiling where it met even more beams. The cabinetry was like none I had ever seen before and the window sills had natural wood on them, too, which mixed it up a bit from the white ones in some of the other rooms. My favorite part about the kitchen was the pantry door.. (I’m aware that it’s weird). It was an old recycled door that probably used to have a window in it, but they replaced it with CHICKEN WIRE. I just loved that. Again, can you tell i’m a North Louisiana gal?
Those are my highlights of the house. A great original floor plan, lots of light, beams, chicken wire, a small back yard with an adorable matching shed, and one yellow front door.



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