The Different House- Hi!

It’s already March somehow and I haven’t written a thing in months. I’ve felt uninspired with some things real estate related and had to find something new to write about. Something I’ve been developing over the past few months is my feelings towards some of the homes I visit on my tours every week or the houses and condos I view with clients. I’ve found that a lot of the homes around here that are being renovated are very similar to all of the other houses that I’m seeing and that sucks the life out of me.

I’m not saying that every house is that way, but I do see it a lot.  And I’m not saying the ones I see aren’t done particularly well, either. They’re all in wonderful condition, have the newest and best in cabinetry and flooring and everything is very on trend. I just keep coming back to how much I love the houses that have one of a kind details, floor plans, etc. I know people can decorate and make them entirely theirs when they move in, but I think I’m just particularly inspired when I walk in and get wow-ed with a place that’s got nothing in it. That really says something to me. I thought maybe I should write about those houses and share the photos with you guys. I think it’s much more fun this way. It’s like a treasure hunt to me. We’ve got a lot of really incredible, historic homes here in New Orleans, I just think there are more exciting ones to find.



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