I saw the light!

I saw a lot of great things throughout the French Quarter on the broker tour, but it was the lighting that caught my eye mostly this time around. Probably because my aunt just bought a killer house Uptown and it came with a bunch of really neat brass and crystal chandeliers and I’m a bit obsessed after being able to get to take a closer look at some of them. I see a lot of the same modern lighting throughout houses these days, so I love to see older fixtures left up.

Chandeliers are very classy and fun to look at and look especially beautiful when they’re attached to the original medallions (plaster detail they’re hung from). They’re just a piece of happy for homes to me. They’re very bright and the fact that they’ve got a history to them is nice, too. I have a thing for old things. I always wonder about their “lives”- all of the things they’ve seen and been through. A lot of the older chandeliers are from different parts of Europe, so it’s nice to think about their travels to get right here in Ol’ New Orleans (or anywhere, really). 

I think I really just love anything with a lot of detail. I think it’s more fun. It’s art to me. Something interesting to learn about and soak up. 

Did you know:

  • Chandeliers have been around since around 17,000 BC (not very fancy back then)
  • The first rock crystals appeared on chandeliers around the 17th Century
  • Glass flowers and leaves were added by the Venetians
  • Baroque and Rococo are the more common types we still see today

See below for a few of the favorites from this tour:



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