Honest Beginnings

So- I’m going to be honest here. I don’t really know where this blog is going yet. I know I want to focus on the beautiful things I see and experience throughout New Orleans during my real estate career. I see a lot of really neat stuff (and some of the same again and again), and I’d just really like to highlight all of the special things and share them with people. I don’t know what that means, exactly, but I’m ok with figuring that out.

I spend a lot of time during my days with my phone out, snapping pictures of EVERYTHING (and I wonder why the sucker is always near death). This obsession started quite a few years ago with film photography when I still lived in North Louisiana (Funroe, LA- HOLLA!). It was relaxing for me and I loved that I got to have tangible memories of my time with friends or time alone out in the world to reflect on later. That’s carried on with me up until now, but sadly, I don’t take my film cameras out as much since I moved down south and our iPhones have become pretty good at capturing images on the fly.

Since I began real estate in New Orleans, a lot of my attention has shifted to something that’s naturally appealing to me, the beauty in the old properties we’ve got around here. I’ve always been a sucker for older homes, buildings and objects. I think about the life they’ve lived before me and all of the things and families they’ve “experienced” and “seen”. One of my earliest memories as a child was late at night, while stopping over to my aunt’s house and her putting in and refinishing wood floors in this old house in Rayville, Louisiana (pictured below). I loved spending all of my free time there, sliding down the long hallways on my knees in my papa’s socks on the wood floors, taking baths in the clawfoot bath tubs, having the ceramic fireplaces warm us at night, and spending time in the rockers on the wrap around front porch. Vaulted ceilings and natural light apparently stayed with me, too. I am obsessed with a house full of light and space to hang lots of photos (8 foot ceilings only give you so much room!).

I’ve come to love new things about these old homes since moving to New Orleans; architecture styles, history, details on the interior and exteriors, and so much more. If you follow me on Instagram, i’m sure you’re familiar with me constantly gushing about different things throughout the homes I’ve seen during my time here. I recently had to create a different Instagram since I found myself posting 2-3x per day… like this blog (also where the idea stemmed from), thedifferenthouse is it’s name..betcha wouldn’t have guessed that. I should probably start a hashtag #TDHLA or something… Let me know if you think of anything cool sounding 😛

This post has been a lot about me and who I am, and I apologize for that. But perhaps it gives you a little insight to why I care about sharing these things with you. I’ll try to keep these posts informative, educational, visually pretty, and a little shorter (I tend to blubber on and on verbally, sorry!).

If there’s something you’d like to see more of throughout our city, please let me know and I’ll do my best to feature it here on occasion and on my Instagram, too. I like learning about new things and connecting with folks (feel like that goes hand in hand).

Thanks for bearing with me while I get my legs!


The Different House


Rayville, LA. November 2016. A new photo of an old place I used to know.


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