Queen of my Heart

So, I know in the last post I said that shotguns are my fave, but I really think Queen Anne houses are my actual fave. I think there are varying degrees of what “fave” means to me and are mostly situational. Bear with me on that, I just really love houses, OK?!

The Queen Anne houses are a part of the later Victorian period. They’re all over the U.S. and one of the most exciting to check out. The easy ones to spot are the extra frilly ones, but there are actually several different ways that people have built and designed them over the years, so some you can hardly tell are Queen Anne styles at all! I became very confused on what’s appropriate for some of the styles, and I think due to the timing of their construction, as they were after Eastlake and Bracket style and sometimes feature Eastlake ornamentation on these houses. Look at bands around tops of the wrap-around porches (open, fancy-pants pieces- will show you on photos) and the balustrades (rails) along the bottom and you may notice it, too. Do some of these features look like furniture legs? Probably an Eastlake.

Key Features:

  • towers and turrets on the houses are a common feature, though many Queen Anne houses do not have towers. Could be round, octagonal, or square. I see a lot of square towers and large round towers in San Francisco and the octagonal and smaller round towers in New Orleans.
  • wrap around porches
  • highly detailed ornamentation on the exterior in multiple places,
  • different sized dormers along the roofline
  • TEXTURE! Everywhere! In the gables (area on front of house between where two roof peaks meet), on the side of the house, window glass (aka- lights), doors!
  • also features stained glass, though they aren’t the only style house to sport this.
  • COLOR! though, I think in the beginning, the darker shades and colors were the more popular back then. I see lots of pastels in New Orleans these days. Still very cute!

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